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Zenith Global

1100 Sutton Ave
Howell, MI 48843

Phone: 517-546-7402
Fax: 517-546-1021

Customer Service
Phone: 517-546-7402

Phone: 517-258-8007
Fax: 517-546-1021



About Zenith Global, LLC

Zenith Global is a leading manufacturer of wide mouth PET containers providing competitive packaging solutions to the food industry and beyond. With low order minimum requirements, and typical lead times of 1 week or less on stock tools, Zenith Global is the perfect partner to aid in getting your products to market quickly and efficiently.
Zenith Global is a division of PMC Global Inc, Food Service Group.


Strategically located in Southeast Michigan, the home office and home manufacturing site of Zenith Global actively supports customers in neighboring states and Canada.

With access to corporate owned warehousing facilities located throughout the United States, Zenith has the capability to stock inventory for customers who require JIT delivery.

For large volume supply agreements, Zenith has the ability to position equipment near customer sites to reduce freight costs and ensure consistent supply of product.

Markets Served

PET is the world’s packaging choice for any product that requires high clarity and visibility for your product on the retail shelf. Ideal for all market segments your brand may encompass including food, beverage, personal care, consumer cleaning, lawn and garden, animal/vet, and industrial/automotive applications.