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New 16 Fluid-Ounce Square PET Container

New 16 Fluid-Ounce Square PET Container

Zenith Global, LLC is pleased to announce the newest member of its food grade PET container line up: the 16 fl oz. square. Specifically designed for high clarity, high quality applications; the 16 oz jar boasts a robust wall thickness that provides high strength and high barrier properties.

The 16 oz square is finding its niche across many market segments including food, cosmetic, and industrial applications. Made from only the highest quality materials, on the highest quality manufacturing equipment, this jar is perfect for packaging many types of products such as seasonings, nuts, salsa, hardware, or lotions. Its 89mm wide-mouth makes it particularly attractive for dipping into or pouring from.

What else?

  • PET is high clarity, lightweight, strong and fully recyclable!
  • The square shape of the jar makes for efficient packaging and transportation; and fits efficiently on store shelves.
  • Zenith’s Southeastern Michigan location is well within reach of major Midwestern manufacturing centers. Nationwide warehousing is also available for long distance value.

About Zenith Global.
Zenith Global is a leading manufacturer of wide mouth PET containers providing competitive packaging solutions to the food industry and beyond. Strategically located in Southeast Michigan, Zenith’s home office and home manufacturing site actively supports customers in neighboring states and Canada. Zenith Global is a division of PMC Global Inc, Food Service Group.

Specializing in stretch blow molded PET containers, Zenith’s product line continues to expand and now includes 16, 32 and 48 fl oz offerings – all with 89/400 neck finish. Zenith also welcomes custom opportunities.

Learn more at www.zenithglobal.net or contact us at 517-546-7402.